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Blonde 20in20
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A Blonde Icontest Community


Welcome to blonde_20in20!

You will have 20 days to make 20 icons featuring a blonde celeb or musician of your choice. The twenty icons will include ten themed icons, five icons specific to a category, and five icons made however the artist wishes.

1. A celeb/musician may only be chosen once. If yours is taken, view our list of interests to see if a name there looks familiar.
2. You cannot choose the same celeb/musician every round, but alternating every other round is acceptable.
3. Your icons must be new. They cannot be previously made for another icontest or fest.
4. Icons must be submitted to the community by the time voting is to begin.
5. You can either post the icons to the community or in your journal, but please make sure your entry at your journal is not friend locked.
6. When voting, please remain unbiased. Do not vote for yourself or ask people to vote for you.
7. This is a stills community. No animated icons will be accepted unless it is a special category.
8. You can only enter once per challenge.
9. Please make sure your icons do not contain questionable or inappropriate content. If you are unsure, please ask!
10. When posting your icons, please post no more than three preview/teasers before the cut.
The idea from this group came from celeb20in20 and glee20in20.

Sign-ups posted: 21st
Challenge starts: 1st of month
Challenge ends: 20th of month
Voting starts: 21st of month
Voting ends: 25th of month
Tie-Breaker voting starts: 26th of month
Winners posted: 28th of month


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